8 Lace-up Shoes under $50 ...

Lace-up shoes are a trend that I always seem to gravitate towards. I guess the most common image of a lace-up shoe is that of a sneaker, but there are many dressier options available. Think of brogues, oxford shoes, and lace-up heels. They’re all a great way of polishing off an outfit. Take a look at these lace-up shoes under $50.

1. Forever21 Oxford Lace up Shoes

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Price: $22.80 at forever21.com
These classic oxford shoes are a great option for wearing on a daily basis. They are made from a leatherette material and feature lace-up closure and stacked heel. These particular shoes are available in three different neutral colours. The oxford shoe is a versatile option and can be styled in multiple ways.

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