8 Irresistible Shoes by Irregular Choice ...

I, like nearly every other woman in the world, love shoes. I especially love shoes that are unusual, and love wearing “statement” shoes the way other girls wear statement jewelry. There aren’t many designers that offer shoes that make a statement on their own, so once I find a brand I love, I buy nearly everything in their line, or at least covet the ones I don’t buy. One such brand is Irregular Choice… doesn’t their name imply that their shoes are a bit unusual? Here are 8 irresistible shoes by Irregular Choice.

1. The Eye-Catching Heel

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Price: $139.99 at modcloth.com
As if the brilliant amethyst color and curvy shape weren’t enough to catch your eye, the shiny over-sized bow at the heel sure would be. I’d wear these gorgeous things with menswear-inspired grey flannel trousers, a crisp white blouse, and a discreet black bag.

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