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8 Excellent Reasons to Wear High Heels ...

By Alison

The reasons to wear high heels are many, but mostly come down to variants on the same point: they make you feel damn good! Wearing high heels may not be practical (and I admit, the comfort factor does lead me to prefer flats), but they sure are sexy! So if you need convincing of the boost that stilettos can give you, here are the top reasons to wear high heels …

Table of contents:

  1. Elegant
  2. Feelgood factor
  3. Sexy
  4. Polish
  5. Height
  6. Click
  7. Beautiful
  8. Powerful

1 Elegant

One of the best reasons to wear high heels is that they add elegance to what you´re wearing. Some outfits demand to be matched with high heels – imagine wearing a party dress with flats! The heels don´t need to be skyscrapers, but high enough to add that elegant touch.

2 Feelgood Factor

We all feel good when we wear heels – providing we don´t have to walk too far in them! But there´s a time to wear jeans and trainers, and a time to slip on a pair of gorgeous high heels! There´s no denying that they make you feel fabulous – and if you feel good, you look good!

3 Sexy

High heels are, quite simply, sexy. Look at pictures of the most stylish, beautiful and sexy women, and most of them will be wearing heels (some look stunning in anything!). But we all know the power that a pair of high heels have – and they sure make a guy go weak at the knees!

4 Polish

Wearing high heels can really enhance your outfit. Put on a smart dress, look at yourself in the mirror without shoes on, then add a pair of heels and look at the difference. Without the heels, the outfit is probably missing something; they add that essential polish if you want to present the right image.

5 Height

If you´re rather on the short side, then a pair of high heels can add those crucial inches to your height. Of course, it won´t turn you into a supermodel, but you just need a bit more, not to be 6 feet tall. And if you´re already tall, don´t be afraid to wear heels – embrace your height!

6 Click

Don´t you just love that sound of your heels clicking as you walk along a hard floor? It´s a sound that says “I mean business,” and “Don´t mess with me!” I´m not saying that you need heels to get ahead, but it´s fun to present an image of being the boss!

7 Beautiful

Some people even say that high heels are a work of art. They´re certainly beautiful to look at, and to wear. Sadly flat heels are nowhere near as attractive, practical as they may be! So when your lifestyle allows, slip on some gorgeous high heels and feel stunning.

8 Powerful

Wearing high heels makes you feel incredibly powerful. If you´re not that accustomed to wearing them, try practicing, and you´ll soon become accustomed to the changed way of walking. You´ll also present an image of power and strength (as long as you don´t fall over – watch your step!).

The reasons to wear high heels may generally be frivolous, but we need to have some fun in life sometimes. Wearing high heels makes us feel great, and as long as you balance it out by wearing flat shoes part of the time, it won´t cause you any foot problems. What do you think of heels – are you never seen in anything else, or do you find them impossible to walk in?

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