This is What Your Feet Should Be Wearing This Summer ...

By Teresa

Finding the perfect pair of summer shoes can be difficult! If you're looking to stay classic and follow the trends simultaneously, it's not an easy task. However, with this list, you'll find the perfect summer shoe style inspiration in no time!

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1 A Good Pair of Strappy Sandals

A Good Pair of Strappy Sandals Source: 15 Best Summer Sandals
Strappy sandals are absolutely a summer necessity, so if you still need a pair in your life, this gorgeous tan pair is perfect for you!

2 Lace Sandals

Lace Sandals Source: Cute Outfit Ideas of the
Lace is such a big trend this summer, so why not carry that trend on to your footwear?

3 Neutral Sperrys

Neutral Sperrys Source: Seacoast Canvas Sneaker
Sperrys come in a variety of colors, but I don't think that there's anything as gorgeous as this classic neutral pair!

4 Boho Sandals

Boho Sandals Source: Weaver Finch Sandals
These sandals are so perfect for the boho girl in you. If you're looking for a pair that look worn in and like you made them, this is a beautiful pair for you!

5 Leafy Number

Leafy Number Source: A Relaxed & Fun Rincon
This is such a unique pair of sandals. I especially love the leaves. They almost look like a pair of sandals out of the Roman Empire.

6 Pseudo Shoes

Pseudo Shoes Source: Beach shoes
Okay, so these aren't really shoes, but they're so beautiful that I think they count!

7 Light Blue Vans

Light Blue Vans Source: Vans California Brushed Twill Authentic
Vans are a summer essential, and this gorgeous robin's egg blue pair is no exception!

8 Tory Burch Bows

Tory Burch Bows Source: Penny Flat Thong Espadrilles
Bow sandals are a huge trend this year, and leave it to Tory Burch to create the pair that we're all lusting over!

9 Feather-Trimmed Sandals

Feather-Trimmed Sandals Source: Henry Ferrera White Michelle Sandal
Not only are these sandals super cute, but they're also so easy to DIY with an old pair of sandals you don't love as much anymore!

10 Go for Some Sparkle

Go for Some Sparkle Source: 50 Ultra Trendy Designer Shoes
If you want to add some bling to your footwear, these are the shoes to wear.

11 Crochet Gladiators

Crochet Gladiators Source:
Gladiator sandals are already adorable, and this crochet take on them is even cuter!

12 Navy Blue and Coral

Navy Blue and Coral Source: Tuesday Shoesday… Coral Flats
Navy and coral are two of the biggest color trends of the season, and when paired with stripes, another huge summer trend, this is a match made in heaven!

13 Burlap Sperrys

Burlap Sperrys Source: Washed Authentic Slim Shop Womens
This burlap effect on a classic pair of Sperrys is so perfect for summer!

14 Mint Pointy Shoes

Mint Pointy Shoes Source: 27 cute flats for brides
Mint is so in style this year, and so is this pointy-toed shoe!

15 Geometric Sneakers

Geometric Sneakers Source: Geometric Pattern Leopard Print Low
Bright patterns are one of the biggest trends of the year, so why not wear them on your feet?

16 Chunky Straps

Chunky Straps Source: 22 Summer Fashion Steals Under
These shades of blue are even cuter when paired with the tan flip flop straps.

17 Get Some Bling

Get Some Bling Source: Diamant Sandals
Add some bling to your sandals with these gorgeous gladiator sandals!

18 Floral Sperrys

Floral Sperrys Source: ALDO Chiou Floral Boat Shoes
Bright florals are one of my favorite trends for summer, and this pair of sneakers are no exception!

19 Pop of Color

Pop of Color Source: Women's Thong Sandals - Sandal
Isn't the coral zig zag pattern so pretty?

20 Sleek Nude Heels

Sleek Nude Heels Source: 101 Gorgeous Shoes From Pinterest
These might be my favorite pair of heels for the summer. These clean lines of the heels are so beautiful!

21 Tiny Pop of Color

Tiny Pop of Color Source: Sandals - FOOTWEAR - PULL&BEAR
If you're looking to wear a tiny bit of turquoise, try this pair of sandals!

22 Mint and Coral

Mint and Coral Source: Ruffled - photo by
Mint and coral are two of the biggest colors of the summer, so I think these shoes speak for themselves!

23 Gold Accents

Gold Accents Source: Tracie Bow Thong Sandals
If you love gold accents and bows, these are the shoes for you this summer!

24 Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes Source: Qupid Pointer-70 Two Tone Pointy
Awaken the inner ballerina in you with these beautiful and pink shoes!

Updated on 6/13/2023

For those looking for a stylish and comfortable summer shoe, look no further than the Qupid Pointer-70 Two Tone Pointy. These ballet flats are perfect for adding a feminine touch to any outfit. The shoes feature a two-tone pink color with a bow detail on the toe. The synthetic material is lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for a hot summer day. The low heel provides a comfortable walking experience without sacrificing style.

These ballet flats are versatile and can be paired with a variety of looks. They look great with a dress or skirt, but can also be dressed down with a pair of jeans or shorts. For a more formal look, they can be paired with a blazer or a statement necklace. The two-tone pink color is a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit.

The shoes are also great for any activity. Whether you’re going shopping, out for a night on the town, or just running errands, these shoes will keep you comfortable and stylish. The synthetic material is durable and will hold up to wear and tear. Plus, the low heel makes them easy to walk in.

25 Beach Shoes

Beach Shoes Source: Beaded Starfish Sandals
Headed to the beach? These are the only sandals you should be wearing!

What are your favorite pair of shoes on this list? Will you buy any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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