7 Party Perfect Shoes under $100 ...

Party perfect shoes can make or break an outfit. Depending on the type of party, you may want something ultra glam or more low key. Choosing the right party perfect shoe can be just as complicated as completing a mathematical equation! However, there are a few styles of shoes out there at the moment that would make the perfect addition to a party outfit. Take a look at the following shoes for party perfect feet.

1. Nude Glitter Open Sandal

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Price: $69.00 at us.dorothyperkins.com
Ever since Miu Miu released their collection of glitter shoes, glitter has been high on the radar. This is no different when it comes to party perfect shoes. These shoes have a light gold glitter finish and crossover straps. They’d look great worn with anything from a simple black cocktail dress to a colourful evening kaftan.

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