10 Cute Mary Jane Shoes ...


Mary Jane Shoes always trendy, always sexy, always a good buy and I think I’ve never met a lady that hasn't been affected, or should I say madly in love, with their retro charm!

Are you a fan of Mary Jane shoes as well?

Well, then you’ll simply love these 10 suggestions!

Make some space in your shoe closets, ladies, because these Mary Jane shoes are a candy you simply won’t be able to resist!

1. ASOS PEPPER Mary Jane Shoes

ASOS PEPPER Mary Jane Shoes

Price: $82.63 at asos.com

A perfect combination of low key and in your face, these glittery Mary Jane shoes might not be an ideal part of your business attire but they could sure compliment every evening outfit you can come up with.2

They will make your simple dress pop, they will make you the star of the evening and no – you don’t have to ask yourself if they are a bit too much because they most definitely are not!

2. ASOS SANDY Mary Janes


Price: $132.20 at asos.com

Speaking about work attire – don’t you think these stylish, elegant Mary Janes are a perfect thing to wear both in and out of work?2

This chunky heel is ultra trendy, plus you could definitely live with that extra comfort a heel such as this one provides.

Black strap and two slim, lady-like bows really stand out on this shiny red leather and since this color goes so well with all those neutral tones most business gals choose (or have to) wear to work, I bet you’ll really rock them whatever you choose to wear them with!

3. KG Bella Bow Front Mary Janes

KG Bella Bow Front Mary Janes

Price: $231.35 at asos.com

Available in purple and green as well as white and black, these sexy Mary Jane shoes look tastier than any sweet I’ve had a chance to try recently.

I’d choose the purple/green color combo simply because I think it looks much better and waaay more interesting than a standard fool proof black’n’white one but, hey, feel free to fall in love with both because these shoes definitely deserve it.

Stormont Lane Mary Jane Shoes
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