8 Sporty Ballet Flats ...

I’ve done a post on bridal flats and sequined, everyday ones and now it’s time to switch to sporty ballet flats, as the upcoming hot months simply wouldn’t be so comfortable and laid back without them. Do you agree? Well, I’m definitely skipping the long intro today and proceeding straight to the things you want to see – 8 sporty ballet flats to make long walks, trainings, chilling with friends or running errands more comfortable!

1. Lacoste Marcel Ballet WTL Flat Shoe

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Price: $64.55 at asos.com
Cool, white with summer written all over them – I’d love a pair of these babies despite the fact that I’m not a sporty person at all. I could totally see them looking fab with a pair of torn jeans, a T-shirt with an interesting, daring print and a simple cross body bag. Definitely a style to check out if you want a pair of sporty ballet flats to go with your urban, laid back city look.

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