7 Smart Ideas for Taming Your Shoe-nado ...


Most of us are guilty of owning one too many pairs of shoes. That usually means a huge uncontrollable shoenado! Guest contributor Jessica Johnson shares some clever ideas on how to tame your shoenado.

Have you had to toss your favorite flats because they became permanently flattened under a pile of messy pairs? Do you regularly find yourself down on all fours scrounging for a missing heel? Have you ever walked out the front door only to realize you were sporting a mismatched right and left?

If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, perhaps it's time you took steps to implement a smart shoe storage plan. De-cluttering your kicks can be a tricky business, but custom approaches to organization -- whether DIY solutions or clever products -- can help you put your best foot forward. Here, I've gathered seven bright ideas (all a step above the basic over-the-door pocket hanger) for kicking your shoe closet coordination up a notch.

1. Artistic Sole

Artistic Sole

Turn your prettiest pairs into an elegant art installation by mounting lengths of crown molding horizontally along an open wall of your closet or bedroom using a small bead of Liquid Nails and a few finishing nails. (Be sure the upper edge of the molding is wide enough to support a high heel.) For extra panache, paint the trim in a fabulous color, and then hook your pumps over the lip for a unique and edgy storage solution. A small piece of molding installed above the closet door also makes an ideal perch for pairs that aren't often worn.

Showcasing Them in Style
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