8 Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes ...


8 Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes ...
8 Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes ...

Choosing athletic shoes is about so much more than your feet looking good in the trendiest styles. You may or may not know it but choosing the correct pair of athletic shoes actually takes a bit of well-thought out research. It’s incredibly important to pick the right pair of athletic shoes in order to avoid injury, strain, or aches. However you may get confuddled by all of the different types, brands and accessories that come with sports shoes nowadays. If you need help, take a look at these 8 Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes and find out what you need to do before purchasing anything you may regret!

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Don’t Make Your Shoes Multi-task

Please don’t try and exercise in your general every-day shoes – they weren’t made for harsh running or stepping and won’t be as durable as proper athletic shoes. If you wear walking shoes for athletics you’ll soon see a huge medical bill coming your way. Similarly, don’t wear your sports shoes for every day walking as you’ll wear them down quicker when you really need them for extra cushioning and friction when playing sports.


Get to Know Your Feet

Feet are like fingerprints – each is individual and has their own quirks. Be sure to test the size, fit and elasticity of your athletic shoes to make sure nothing is getting squished or is too loose. For help, look at your current shoes and see which places are worn out the most to see which parts of your feet you put the most pressure on. This will help you know what kind of sole-support you need, do you have flatter feet, arched feet or are somewhere in between? Knowing the answer to these will benefit your choosing process.


Measure Your Feet

Feet sizes do change even as an adult. Be sure to measure your foot around twice a year to make sure your feet haven’t gotten bigger, wider, slimmer or smaller. It may sound like madness to you, but various environmental reasons can change the shape of your foot which may alter what kind of shoe best suits you. Don’t buy «the regular»; buy a shoe that definitely fits you.


Search for Your Shoes towards the End of the Day

This is because your feet swell after walking around for a bit. You will need to buy a pair of athletic shoes which will be able to cater for the moments your feet swell after running or exercising. It’s best to buy shoes when your feet are at their largest!


Whilst Shopping, Bring Your Exercise Socks and Any Orthotics

It is vital to know how your shoe will fit with the certain types of athletic socks you’ll be wearing. Also, if you wear orthotics it is vital you bring these whilst shopping so you know whether or not they will fit inside the sole of your new shoes.


Don’t Be a Burglar and Break in Your Own Shoes

Hah, lame joke I know. But the basic principle of this is that athletic shoes should feel comfortable straight away – you shouldn’t need to ‘break them in’. If they feel uncomfortable or chafe when you walk around the shop to test them out, don’t buy them.


Get Savvy with the Jargon

There is a huge range of athletic shoes and shoe features available nowadays. Advertisements and displays are full of jargon such as ‘clear inserts’, ‘gel-filled’, ‘Freon’ or ‘extra air’; these sound cool and fancy but you need to remember that they serve a particular purpose and are not automatically going to be best for your feet. These features that make the shoe more spongy or springy are extremely good for people who get sore heels quickly. On the other hand, they are extremely bad for people who have weak ankles as they provide too much ‘oompf’ and not enough support. Ask the member of staff for advice, and let them know what kind of feet you have.


Know when the Price is Right

Generally with the price of athletic shoes, what you see is what you get. So, if a shoe is expensive, it is most probably a good quality shoe and you won’t manage to get very far with a running shoe that costs fifteen bucks. However, shoe companies know this and may try to swindle you with a fancy branded shoe with a celebrity’s name on it and may not actually be the most beneficial. So ensure that you go for what is best for your feet and know for fashion.

After truly knowing how your feet are shaped and sized, buying athletic shoes should be relatively easy as long as you’ve got a bit of common sense in your noggin. Do your research and make sure you are 100% comfortable with your purchase. Otherwise, after all of your efforts and money that you put into getting healthier you may end up injuring yourself and becoming a couch potato whilst your foot, shins or knees heal themselves! Hope these 8 Tips for Choosing Athletic Shoes help.

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