7 Things Your Shoes Say about You ...

Shoes can be a woman’s best accessory, but do you know the different things your shoes say about you?

From heels to sneakers, putting your best foot forward can be daring or disastrous.

Knowing the different things your shoes say about you can can help you and your feet be fabulous!

Extra points for a punchy pedi!

1. Flip Flops

Flip Flops

We start the 7 different #things your shoes say about you with the humble flip flop.

Which says, I just came from the (beach, pool, communal shower), and I love cheap foam footwear.

Also, I am a poor (college, high school) student, who can’t possibly pass up the chance to buy $5 shoes.

Especially if they come in 60 different colors.

Do you remember your freshman dorm closet?

Yeah that’s right - it was FILLED with an Old Navy rainbow to match every single one of your moods/outfits.

And you typically wore the blue ones.