13 Best D'Orsay Flats That Need to Occupy Your Closet ...

High heels are fine and dandy, but d’Orsay flats can be just as fun. Sometimes it feels like all the good shoes add height, but that’s just not true. If you don’t need to be any taller, or are sick of wobbling when you walk, there are d’Orsay flats that would be perfect for you. No matter what events are marked on your calendar, this list contains the shoe for you.

1. Madewell the D’Orsay Flat

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The color may seem drab, but the cutout sides on this pair of d’Orsay are fab. These flats cover your toes, but still show some skin. They’re perfect for going to a party where you know you’ll be on the dance floor. Since the heel and toes are covered, there’s no chance that you’ll slip out of them. You’re free to dance the night away!

Price: $128 at madewell.com

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