8 Comfortable and Stylish Flats for Spring ...


Oh spring, how we love thee!

The warmer weather, the flowers, the birds, and the fact that we can finally put our warm clothes and boots away and make way for pretty sandals and flats.

Here's guest contributor Lorna Burford with her picks for some rather stylish flats for spring.

Spring will be right around the corner very soon and one of the things that's always on my to-buy list is flat shoes, comfortable ones to be exact.

As the winter draws to a close and the weather warms up, I often find myself wanting to go out a lot more and walk around, especially to the parks to see the changing scenery, the blossoms on the trees and flower buds making their way through the soil.

Since I am very much into fashion, being a long time fashion and personal style blogger, my footwear always needs to look good, be on trend and go with my outfit, so I have also chosen a few options that are fun as well as classic!

1. Bloch Ballet Flats

Bloch Ballet Flats

Bloch makes some incredibly comfortable flats!

They are known for being a dance shoe company, but they apply that comfort to their street wear shoes as well.

I personally own 3 Bloch flats and they are elasticated and really soft, making for a very comfortable shoe.

These are in black, so they will be very versatile.

2. Tory Burch Eddie Flats

Tory Burch Eddie Flats

Tory Burch's Eddie flats are known for being really soft and easy to wear.

They are one of those classic flats that come in a variety of neutral colours and are always commented on for looking great.

They are easy to walk in and very comfortable.2

These fabulous brown ones will go with practically anything!

3. Tieks Foldable Flats

Tieks Foldable Flats

Tieks have a great reputation for being one of the most fantastic soft and flat shoe retailers.

Their classic flats come in a huge variety of colours, from neons to pastels to classics and are spoken about widely for being comfortable and easy to fold up to carry around with you.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ballet Flats
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