7 Cool Sneakers You Need Now ...

If you’re the kind of gal who craves comfort, these 7 cool sneakers will keep you super stylish. With a selection ranging from flower power prints to notice-me wedges, your toes will soon be begging for some pumped up kicks. No matter what the season, fashionable sneakers are always on trend. They're attractive, they're colorful, and they're comfortable. After all, who said your feet had to suffer to look oh so haute?

1. Flower Power Canvas

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Girly prints go bold with these cool Converse x Marimekko sneakers. I’d pair β€˜em with a black mini skirt, a v-neck tee, and purple tights for a whimsical (yet casual) fall look. You can find them in lots of places, from high end shoe stores to local spots both online and off, so feel free to do some searching and some comparison shopping.

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