Did You Know - Today is Put on Your Own Shoes Day? ...


Can you believe that?

December 6th - every year - is Put on Your own Shoes Day.

The odd thing about this is that although it is included in every list of national days and holidays, there is very little, if anything known about it. Maybe someone stuck it on a list somewhere as a joke and every list that followed copied it?

There are a couple of theories as to the meaning of this national day.

Some ascribe to the theory that it's a day for parents to get little kids to take responsibility for their footwear for the first time on their own. Others - and I think I like this one as it can speak to all of us - interpret Put on Your Own Shoes day as an affirmation of personal intent and to "walk your own path in life."

Whichever you choose to believe - Happy Put on Your Own Shoes Day to you.