It's Official πŸ‘πŸΌ: the Hot πŸ”₯ Trend of the Season πŸ’ is Loafers πŸ‘ž ...

Brogues are out and loafers are in. As you know, the shoe world can be a quickly changing one and something that was in style last year might not be this year. If you need to update your shoe wardrobe, loafers are definitely the thing to add this spring. They go with just about anything and they're super comfy as well as being perfect for wearing to the office, shopping with friends or out to dinner with your guy. Loafers come in a huge range of colors and styles so you could probably buy several pairs and have the look you want without any repeats. What more could a girl want? This list contains a pair for everyone. The only problem will be deciding which pair you want. My advice is to buy them all. And if you don't see something here you love, there are virtually endless choices elsewhere. Happy shopping!

1. Mr by Man Repeller

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$395 at
The loafer just got an update with a cute bow and a slight heel. These are awesome with all of your favorite summer skirts and dresses.

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