7 Styles of Creeper Shoes – What's Your Verdict?

Creeper Shoes (or creepers) are traditionally popular within punk, goth, and generally alternative subcultures. However, the past couple of seasons have seen creeper shoes become decidedly more mainstream. While I could never personally pull of this look, I have seen the look worn extremely well by those with a knack for alternative styles. Take a look at a few styles of creeper shoes below, and let me know your verdict.

1. ALDO Rothenburger Mirror Metallic Creeper

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Price: $95.45 at us.asos.com.
These shoes combine two big trends at the moment – creeper shoes and metallic finishes. Admittedly, these are a tamer take on the traditional creepers. They have a lace-up design, pointed toe, and thick treaded sole. Balance out the masculine style of these shoes by teaming them with a full-skirted dress.

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