7 Ways to Wear Flats in Winter ...

If you have a million and one things on your list to accomplish, learning how to wear flats in winter is essential (for your own comfort, of course!). Most gals know that a chill in the air doesn’t make a large workload go into hibernation. The good news: At least you can be cozy while juggling errands, a crying younger sibling, and mountains of homework! Read on for 7 fabulous tips on how to wear flats in winter.

1. Show off Your Socks

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If you’re wondering how to wear flats in winter without freezing your toes off, invest in some funky (or chic!) socks. ModCloth has a vast array of fabulous – and thick – socks. I’m loving their cat-adorned pairs and Rosie the Riveter prints. I’d wear my socks and flats combo with black opaque tights and a neutral-hued dress. Just don’t forget to stay cozy in a pea coat and infinity scarf!

2. Keep ‘Em in the Office

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When the first flakes hit the ground, give your favorite pair of flats a mini vacation and leave them in the office. Not only will they not get ruined, but they’ll also be a welcome sight after trudging to work in snow boots. Plus, they’d go with all of your office staples!

3. Pair ‘Em with Patterned Tights

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Another daring way to wear flats in winter is to start with a standout pair of patterned tights. Just make sure that they’re warm and cozy – wool works best. Feel free to be bold by choosing floral prints, argyle, or polka dots.

4. Give Second Chances

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I can guarantee that many of you have purchased flats that are super adorable in store or online, but not-so-comfy when worn for more than 5 seconds. Well, it’s time to give those duds a second shot! When worn with tights or socks, you’ll probably find that they’re not so unbearable after all. Nevertheless, if you spot a fresh blister at the end of the day, throw ‘em straight into your “To Donate” bag.

5. Color Your World

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Basic black flats get boring fast. Thankfully, J. Crew offers ballet flats in a variety of eye-catching hues. They can take any outfit from winter drab to totally fab! With that said, it’s always good to own at least one pair of neutral flats (just in case).

6. Leather is Better

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Who wants to sit around with wet feet? Suede and canvas can become wet and filthy fast (especially if worn when the streets are wet with rain or snow). Opt for leather, which can be wiped clean and won’t leave your feet soggy and cold.

7. Sheepskin is in

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Some of us can’t help but shiver at the mere thought of breaking out those flats in winter. But did you know that sheepskin-lined flats are widely available (simply click on over to the UGG website)? They’ll keep your toes as warm as your usual boots would – and they’ll feel so cozy that you’ll never want to give ‘em up! They’d work well with a casual ensemble of tights and a denim skirt or skinny jeans and a tee.

These are 7 of my top ways to wear flats during the cold weather months. Which tips will you try? Do you have any of your own to add?

Top Image Source: simple-et-chic.com

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